Atlanta Public Safety Training Center Erosion, Pollution and Sedimentaion Control (EPSC) Phase I-IV Plans and Details – July 2022  

With gratitute to the South River Watershed Alliance for helping to compile the open records requests that produced these site plans. These plans are current as of July 2022, dated to a re-submittial of the land development permit for the cop city project to DeKalb County. Due to the size and length of many of these documents, we have combined each section of the site plans and split them up among different posts. We hope this brings much-needed transparency, since the Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta Police Foundation, city of Atlanta, DeKalb County and their private funders have no interest in it. All PDFs, with the exception of the tree protection and replacement plans, are searchable.

ESPC Notes

ESPC Phase I Plan

ESPC Phase II Plan

ESPC Phase III Plan

ESPC Phase IV Plan

ESPC Details


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